Your home is in peril!

For too long have the High Lords of Corenyal been tolerant of the expansive natures of the nearby provinces. The borders of Corenyal, the greatest forest in Pelros, have dwindled to a shadow of what they once were. With the advent of new technoligies, new governments, and new and powerful religions, the home of the elves and gnomes of Pelros will not endure if something does not change. Imperialist powers to the east and south threaten to annex the Forest for their own uses. Technologically advanced neighbors wish to further the anti-magic cause of their religion. Old enmities between elves and dwarves could once again erupt into all-out war. And a new orc kingdom exists as a wildcard to upset the tenuous political balance of the region.

If the pristine and ancient forest of Corenyal is to ultimately survive in the wake of progress, a new solution must be found. Drastic measures and unorthodox allies may be neccessary to protect the old ways and the balance of magic in Pelros.

Protectors of Corenyal